Musical fusions of electronic dance music, jazz, ambient & psychedelic

Surface Tension originated in Czech republic as a DJ crew in 2001 and became recording label in 2011. We encourage czech and finnish artists in the scope of musical fusions of electronic dance music, psychedelic, ambient and jazz. We do like clever and original pop music as well and last but not least we support young talents at finnish urban hip-hop scene. We are based in Finland since 2014. We are not here to feed you with the one particular style all the time, over and over, but to open your ears. Goths are people too and hipsters seems to be as well!

The label has straight access to music production studio. We offer worldwide digital distribution and physical distribution to EU countries.

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If you make interesting music which you think may fit to our range. Do not hesitate to contact us.


Rinpoče Roberto

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Anger, pain, fear and hint of hope. This distorted music opens door to anxiety from modern technologies, gates to chronophobia and portal to mind disorders. Do you trust your Government? Have you met your Big Brother? Or was it about your Inner Brother? After all, this music is personal as much as it can be. Dedicated to everybody who lost something principal or someone significant for good, irreversibly.

Narcotic Fields

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Almost 10 years of thrilling mixture of dark electronics, indie guitar sound walls and vulnerable vocal performances has led Narcotic Fields to release Tripophobia which disc cover is made out of solid concrete. Together with label Semetrika records we got them covered digitally. Origin of album name is a claimed pathological fear of irregular patterns of holes. Tripophobia is more abstract and personal term about fears of unknown enemies in our consciousness, fears of entities beyond our control. Triphop was a box where music critics were putting the band's music always, labeled as "Czech Massive Attack", here they are.


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Ambient moods and psychedelic sounds are the domain in which Wana excels. He was building his debut album for several years using hardware machines.


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Nixa is rising hip-hop star from Jyväskylä city of Central Finland. His distinctive rap style draws attention for its agressivity and voice of young angry teenager... and he looks like one, despite his age. Nixa's performances were usually contributed to immigrants, to show them beauties of Finnish language and rap, especially in his hometown of Jyväskylä which is considered as Finnish L.A. of Rap.

Marek Walarowski Trio

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The jazz trio consist of musicians from Poland and Czech republic and playing compositions made by pianist Marek Walarowski. The sound is affected by classical music, traditional jazz and its watermark is electric bass. Young saxophonist Wojciech Lichtański participated on last album. We can listen to precise techniques and imaginative jazz with hints of classical music which is very attractive for listeners.


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Silentstressor is project fusing dubstep beats with crystal clear ambient sounds, retro breakbeat moods and spacy melodies. During long nights he likes to remix rock, alternative, jazz and metal bands.

The Squirm

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The Squirm is moving from one-man project to whole band there and back. Inspirations come from EBM, hard rock and metal scene. The Squirm has very long and rich music history including several albums, co-works and contributions. His distinctive guitar writing is taking whole sound to the alternative an indie waters.


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Oldschool GOA-trance, sci-fi movies and hardware machines are melted in the electric pot called UNTR. Czech producer is trying to achieve modern dark sound with old instruments, retro sequencing and hints of movie atmospheres.


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Czech multi-instrumentalist Ivan Jašek knows best how to fuse different styles of ambient, chillout and psychedelic music where he is using lot of live approach with guitar and ethnical instruments. Apart from I-One he is djing and active in many bands and projects.


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After two decades of djing this slave of hardware machines decided to make it own way. And it is a right way. Way of club techno and housey beat with progressive samples and inspirations from old dusty psytrance vinyls.


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Czech dj and psychedelic music producer whose startpoint was psytrance and nowadays he is blending psychedelic sounds with broken beats and ambient. His project is now frozen with occasional participations on compilations, because he has nothing better to do than running this label.


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